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The Proven Solution for Stretch Marks. All Natural Ingredients

Barmon® Stretch Mark Cream

Celebrating 30 Years!

In 1979, Barmon® Inc. was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, by Barbara, a mother of three grown children. Barbara suffered from lasting stretch marks which developed during the pregnancies with her children fifteen years earlier. So, she developed an all natural formula to try to fade away her unsightly stretch marks. It worked! Barbara decided to market the stretch mark cream so that other women could also benefit from the promising results of using the cream. Barbara's goal was to sell an effective, all natural cream to remove stretch marks at an affordable price.

Today, Barmon® is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. We continue to hold the ideals with which Barbara founded the company — to provide a quality all natural product with proven results. If you have questions at any time we will be glad to answer them. Please email us at

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